Lay Visitation

We have a wonderful resource in our congregation! Christ has called nine amazing individuals who have received training in the Stephen Ministry program. Lay ministers provide care by listening, supporting and encouraging, praying, being dependable and trustworthy, and maintaining confidentiality in their caregiving. They typically visit someone who is going through a transition: grieving the loss of a close family member; a health crisis or a change in health and mobility; a divorce; family dynamics. Someone going through any of these situations can benefit greatly by having regular visits with someone who is a good listener and person of prayer. These lay ministers have been trained to keep personal information confidential and are safe people to share with. Some of our lay ministers are still visiting a person assigned to them several years ago! Others are not currently visiting someone and would like to! If you or someone you know could benefit from this ministry please talk to Pastor Jolene ( Sometimes only a few visits are needed, other times the relationship can last for years.